Follow These Tips For Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery Like A Pro!


After gold, sterling silver is among the most popular alloys for making jewellery. Besides being extremely durable, sterling silver is affordable and has a shine that’s as beautiful as that of platinum. In case you didn’t know, sterling silver is basically an alloy that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Copper is usually the metal used for making sterling silver jewellery. If you are keen on buying silver sets, there are many online stores that have a huge collection of trending designs. Here are some of the tips that may come handy.

  • Check for hallmark. In selected countries, including the US, hallmark is the standard that helps in buying sterling silver. You will find that the product has an engraving, which may say 92.5 or simple .925. This is by far the simplest way to know if sterling silver jewellery is genuine in the first place.

  • Don’t be confused with coating. When you buy silver, make sure that you don’t look for sets that contain the term ‘plated’ or ‘silver plated’. Silver-plated is not the same as sterling silver. It simply means that the product is made of another metal and has a plating of silver, which will wear off in no time.
  • Always buy from a known store. No matter whether you are shopping online or offline, make sure to select a store that’s known for its collection of sterling silver items. Do not compromise on this aspect. While sterling silver is not as expensive as gold, it is premium metal and costs a lot more than imitation.
  • Start with a small order. In case you have never tried sterling silver in the past, buy a small item or a simple set to know the feel of the alloy. Online stores have really small studs and pendants that are inexpensive and a great way to invest in sterling silver from scratch.

  • Check all details. Typically, silver jewellery must be stored away from chemicals and bleaches, and it is best to avoid wearing sterling silver in the pool. Ensure that you have checked the care instructions provided by the manufacturers, and regardless of the seller, always get a certificate for your purchase.

Finally, do check for personalized and custom sterling silver collections that are offered by selected stores online. If you can look past the cost and dazzle of gold, sterling silver might emerge as a favourite for sure.

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