A Buyer’s Basic Guide To Pink Diamonds!


When we think of diamonds, we think of colorless stones that sparkle the best in the universe. Although traditional buyers swear by the classic look of a diamond, there are others who actually love the beauty of fancy colored diamonds. Pink diamonds, of all, are not only popular, but also extremely rare. Before you start thinking, pink diamonds are for real and completely natural, much like any other diamond. Selected diamond brokers in Queensland sell pink diamonds, because almost 90% of these gemstones come from a unique mine in Australia. Here are some facts and aspects buyers need to know before shopping!

Are pink diamonds for real?

Yes, absolutely. You will find pink diamonds in all sorts of hues, and a considerable part of the mined diamonds also have a secondary hue, which can reduce the price considerably. Purple-pink and orange pink are two common colors. To be more precise, the pinker a diamond looks, the higher is the price. It is not confirmed as what causes the diamonds to turn pink, but the general theory is pink diamonds are exposed to greater pressure, although many experts have other ideas, as well.

What are pink diamonds found?

Almost 90% of the pink diamonds that are sold in the market come from a mine in Australia, called the Argyle Mine, which is owned by a company called Rio Tinto. Pink diamonds have been also found in Brazil, Siberia, Canada and South Africa. The stones that come from Argyle mine are extremely expensive and rare, and can fetch as much as $1,000,000 per carat. It largely depends on the intensity of the colors. There are many online stores that sell Argyle mine pink diamonds that you can check.

Tips for buying

While pink diamonds are priced on the color, the carat size is also very important. Some of the pink diamonds can be really expensive, and to be fair, you are likely to find a better deal online. Note that these diamonds are no different than other diamonds, except that pink color is rare and only a few people have access and resources to own one of these. Clarity in particular doesn’t need a lot of attention, simply because the color hides some of the imperfections, and the cut can be compromised, as well, because rarity and carat count the most.

Check online now to find pink diamonds on sale at the right price.

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