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Engagements usually mark the start of a happy union, and it only makes sense to make the day special. Most men have their share of jitters while buying an engagement ring, often because they have little or no idea of how to buy jewellery. For starters, there are two basic choices – Either you can head to any of the leading New Zealand Jewellers and select a ring that you like, or you can customize the ring for your lady love. For those who are considering a customized engagement ring, we have a few tips below for help, but before that, let’s check the pros and cons.

Incredible advantages at a glance

A customized engagement ring is just that – customized. It can be designed in the way you like, and you can select every single aspect of it, right from the diamond and metal for the band to the placement of stones and other small details. Custom rings are designed with car to match needs, and many jewellers now have their online stores, where they offer the choice of ‘Build your own ring’, which basically gives you filters and options to design the ring online. If you have an idea, you can share the same, and the jeweller will come up with design prints.

Customized rings have two major advantages. Your girl will have an engagement ring that’s unique, and that can be a precious thing to many women. Secondly, it allows you to design a ring and yet stick to your budget.

On the flip side

There’s no denying that customized rings can be a tad more expensive, since considerable effort goes in creating the design and perfect style. Also, it may take a tad longer to get the ring, which means you have to start early.

Tips to order a custom engagement ring

As the basic rule, always start early with your search for the perfect solitaire, because you may not like the first option you see. It is also absolutely necessary that you keep a budget in mind, and that will further help in deciding important aspects. For example, when you want to afford a platinum band, you may want to go small on the diamond weight. Also, working with a good jeweller makes a huge difference, as you will have more choices and trust them blindly for the final product.

Check online now to design your engagement ring!

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