Step to Turn Ashes to Jewels


It is sometimes challenging to decide what you can do with the ashes of your loved one after cremation. From your thought, you know they require to be memorialized in a better method that fits their honor and wishes. Moreover, you can decide to place the ashes in your home urn or scatter them in your outdoors or ocean they always loved. This is the major reason why you need to turn ashes to jewels.

Cremation jewelry

This is a piece of jewelry that incorporates your loved person’s ashes from diamonds to bracelets and urn necklaces. The process of turning ashes into jewelry, amount of time, and cost vary depending on the kind of jewelry you select.

Cremation jewelry is essential compared with the tribute of the person you lost. This is an opportunity to honor a loved one by crafting anything that has or is made from cremated remains. Ashes jewelry is one of the conversation pieces that can assist you to talk about your family member and ensure their memory is alive. Moreover, it has the ability to become a family heirloom that is passed from different generations along with photographs and stories.

Different steps to make ashes into jewelry

You can consider some options to memorialize your family member with cremation jewelry. With that said, you require to understand some important things about the price ranges and processes, among others.

Urn jewelry

This is a hollowed small container that you can fill the ashes of your loved ones. It can be a bead or a charm. You can put a bracelet though it comes like a necklace in some cases. Thus when you require to have a necklace from ashes, you can consider an urn pendant.

Different people consider the filling of soil or hair strands from the burial site. When you make an order for human ashes jewelry, you will need to follow some instructions on how you can fill the piece. There is the involvement of funnels and small screws to assist you in filling the opening with no-spill. Also, you can get some instructions on how to close the chamber tightly to ensure nothing is coming out. Your jewelry is one of the affordable cremation jewelry.

Cremation beads

These beads are made by melting glass and mixing the ashes of your loved one. What is necessary here is picking your favorable color. Mostly the color includes their eyes or birthstone. As a result, the bead will be very unique.

The option is, however, costly compared with urn jewelry. Nonetheless, it is not that expensive, like crystals or diamonds. Another thing you need to know about cremation beads because they are very versatile. Therefore, you can get an opportunity to create a personalized necklace or bracelet from ashes.

Custom jewelry

This jewelry is made using a similar cremation beads process. However, you will find that the end product is well-formed into a pendant beside the bead. There are a variety of colors and shapes you can pick from, and different makers of cremation jewelry can have an addition of patterns.

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