Dos and Don’ts of online jewellery shopping


Shopping is one the most cherished and relaxing activity for most of the women, and when it is about jewellery shopping the excitement sores a notch higher. Those blinging fine jewellery pieces with royal charm, meticulous designs, vibrant gemstones, lustrous metals and everything else about the fine jewellery makes sets apart the shopping experience from the usual purchases. Doesn’t it?

Earlier the experience of jewellery shopping was limited to huge jewellery shops with imperial set ups to provide you the best shopping experience. But the age of digitalisation has changed the scenario. Today you can view, select, enquire, and shop the jewellery from the comfort of your home. Yes! We are talking of the online jewellery shopping option.

With almost all the big jewellery brand proving the option of online jewellery shopping, it becomes easier to view, compare and then select the best suitable from the lot. But there is small glitch, fine jewellery buying unlike other purchases involves huge amount and is an investment for a lifetime. And hence many people face trust issues in online jewellery shopping, as it lacks the ‘touch and feel’ factor. But that should not stop you from the experience of buying beautiful ornaments online.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while online jewellery shopping.


  1. Do check for the official website of the jewellery brands you choose – You will find various online jewellery shopping websites which will include some authentic brands and some frauds as well. Hence make sure you only choose the official websites to avoid fraudsters.
  2. Do read the customer reviews and ratings – Reading testimonials that is customer reviews and ratings will help you to know the authenticity of the brand and expect a smooth shopping experience. In case of bad reviews, you can already get the red signal about the errors and change your decision in time.
  3. Do check the shipment policy of the brand – Shipment policies vary from brand to brand, hence to avoid keep guessing when will your parcel arrive read the shipment policy carefully and track your order.
  4. Do check for the authentications – Fine jewellery has to pass through certain tests to get the authentication certificates. In India, you get hallmark certificate on gold, for diamonds it is GIA that is Gemological Institute of America and IGI which is International Gemological Institute. Check the respective certifications before investing in one.
  5. Do Check for the details of the return policy – As customer, it is your duty to read and be aware of the return policy. Usually, it is return withing 30 days of shipment received.


  1. Don’t skip the comparison process – It is only in online jewellery shopping option, where you can go through a same piece if ornament offered by different brands and compare the prices to find the best rate. Also, you can compare different designs and get plethora of options which you are otherwise deprived of in physical shopping experience.
  2. Don’t neglect the privacy policy of the brand – Trust comes when the company/brand transparently shares its details. Privacy policy is one such detail, that helps to build trust in a brand and give you a peace of mind while buying online.
  3. Don’t neglect the ‘About Us’ section of the brand – You can call a decision a wise decision only when you have research enough before deciding. “About Us’ section is easily overlooked by most of the shoppers during online jewellery shopping. But this section is necessary to be viewed to know the brand, its working years, manufacturing details and more which will further build your trust in the brand.

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