Keep Track Of Time With Casio Watches


When G-Shock first made its appearance in the US market, the black look was a far cry from the designs and trend looks. But people flocked to buy the new model. It was known for resistance and strength.

Creation Of Market

Even though the company meant it as casual wear, people made a fashion statement out of it. There was nothing conventional about the brand at that time, but something about it attracted people. Till then, watches were a commodity that was fragile, costly, and meant for the higher-ups. But from then on, with G-shock’s release, other competitors kept it up and produced watches that were similar in design and feature to these new releases.

The new editions created a market of their own. It made a statement to the outside world about the strength and diversity of ideas of Casio. It was a matter of pride for the company. With the company coming from a foreign background, it wasn’t easy to influence the market or change the conventional model.

Sum up

To create something new and make it a hit among the people isn’t a simple task. The casio watches could also show time in different time zones, and as technology developed, new additions took place.


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