What to Look For In a Ring Designer


An engagement ring off the shelf is nothing to be sniffed at and has a place in the market in its own right. However, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they have been day dreaming about the perfect engagement ring since they used a pillowcase as a veil in their mock wedding with their friends at a tea party. Sufficed to say, if you are going to go all out, this is the moment to do so. If you have gone from store to store looking for the perfect engagement ring with no success then the answer is simple, have a custom ring designer bring the engagement you have envisioned to life for you. Now all you need to do is find the right ring designer.

Don’t Rush the Process

The worst mistake one can make is rushing the process of having the perfect ring made by professional ring designers. The process should be joyful and relaxed to ensure the desired end product. Every step of the process should be considered and agreed upon before moving on. The stone, the metal, the setting, the carat, the colour; because every detail is of your choosing be sure that you know and understand exactly what that is.

Make Sure You Know What You Want

Knowing what you want may sound easy but when shopping for an engagement ring you are presented with options and the answer is easy; yes or no? When you have a custom ring designer’s services at your disposal the world is your oyster. Within the realms of what is possible and reasonable you can quite literally expect the custom ring designer to achieve anything.

Collaboration is Key

You will need to work quite closely with your custom ring designer of choice. When considering what to look for in a ring designer it should be someone you can get along with to a certain degree. This correspondence should be of a nature where their expertise are respected and your vision is embraced. Ring designers will let you know what realistic expectations are when it comes to time, price and end result. Embracing their mastery in order to achieve your dream ring is easy if all parties understand and commit to the process from the beginning.

They Will Think of Everything

The best part of knowing what to look for in a ring designer is that once you have found the right one they will think of everything else. They will be sure to let you know:

  • What all your metal and stone options are
  • Provide you with examples of styles you like to pinpoint the perfect design
  • Remind you to keep the wedding band in mind, and much more.

If you still aren’t sure what to look for in a ring designer,  consult the experts.

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