Key benefits of Lab-Grown Diamonds


Everyone loves to have diamonds due to their beauty and shine. Some people buy them as an investment while it can be difficult for some to buy even a small diamond because of the high cost. People, who are investing should be careful right from starting as there are many myths and confusions attached to diamonds.

Along with real diamonds that come from mines, you will find lab grown diamonds also which are equally beautiful. A number of people think they are fake but it is not the case. These diamonds have their own benefits and their chemicals and physical properties are also the same as mined diamonds. While few people may like to have a debate but in reality, there is no competition between mined and lab-grown diamonds. Following are some of the benefits of lab grown diamonds that may enable you to take the right decision while buying them breaking the myths related to these diamonds:

  1. High Quality: High quality in terms of cut, carat, shine, color, and clarity will be your first criteria while buying these expensive stones. If you compare these diamonds with mined diamonds, you will find they are purer than the mined ones because some of the mined diamonds can have blemishes in-built in them. It can be due to the environmental conditions where they grow. While on the other hand, there are no chances of getting impurities as lab-grown diamonds are grown in controlled and enclosed environments. Actually, lab-grown diamonds get higher ratings due to their higher purity.
  2. Environmental Sustainability: The key benefit while creating lab-grown diamonds is their environmental Also, these diamonds can be produced using less energy compared to their mined counterparts which have to be extracted from the earth. 100,000 pounds of the earth has to be displaced to get one carat mined diamond while the same is not required to grow diamonds in labs.
  3. Pocket Friendly: The price is another key factor that makes lab grown diamonds more popular among the masses. Modern technology also has contributed to the price as now they can be grown faster which makes them cost-effective. You can save up to 30% for top-quality lab-created diamonds and there can be more differences in price if you go for colored pieces. Mined colored diamonds are expensive as they are difficult to find.
  4. Guaranteed Sources and Guilt-free Production: Most diamond specialists want to know the journey of their precious stones and their sources of extraction or growth. Unfortunately, most of the origins in the world that produce mined diamonds, are conflicted regions. Often known as ‘Blood Diamonds’, mined diamonds have a very dark background. Even those diamonds that are not mined from conflicted areas, might have a history of child labor, poor working environments, and human rights violations. While on the other hand, synthetic diamonds come from a clean environment and trackable sources.

Both types of diamonds are a result of carbon found in crystalline form but seeing the benefits of lab-grown diamonds you can say they have an edge over mined diamonds. If you are in search of the best lab grown diamonds Melbourne at a reasonable price, you can contact Diamond Story, one of the most trusted people in the diamond world.

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