What makes Custom Made Leather Phone Cases the Best Option


Mobile phones have become a part of your everyday life; you just cannot imagine staying without them for a moment. Not only smartphones offer call and messaging services, but they even give their owners hours of gaming, entertainment, photography, health tracking, video recording, surfing, and several other purposes. As they have become worldwide necessity, they need to be well-protected as well from any wear and tear, accidental fall or damage and look more attractive too. By buying good quality leather phone case you can treat yourself with a small luxury and show off that you got taste and a class apart.

Most of you get confused whether to choose rubber, silicon or leather phone cases, but when you speak about class, status or anything fancy like leather bags, trench coats and jackets, leather upholstery, etc., custom made leather phone cases from reputable brands like Chade is one of the best options available.

Here are some amazing benefits of owning a leather phone case:

  • Offers great aesthetic and stylish look

Leather material is absolutely pleasing to the touch. It is smooth, comfortable, and looks costly as well. Apart from that, brands like Chade in Australia even offer custom made leather phone cases that are crafted with finest leather. Though their logo is blind embossed to remain subtle but your initials are customized beautifully on luxurious pebble leather.

  • Offers value for money

Affordable range of leather cases can look expensive but all the amazing qualities listed in this article would help you to get value for the money spent on the phone case. You can increase its livelihood of being super-protected from any external damage, and it can become you’re a status symbol among your friends or peers.

  • Superior insulation benefit

In comparison to other phones cases’ material, leather phone cases offer excellent insulation and even allow your mobile phone to expel heat freely. This is best suited for people who especially love playing games, watching web series or movies at great lengths. So, to enjoy using your phone for maximum duration invests in leather phone cases of reputable brands like Chade Cases from Australia.

  • Offer better protection

Pointed edges and sharp objects might scratch an ordinary surface, but leather withstands its contact. When it is not sharp objects which threaten the visual quality of your phone, leather can protect your phone from even the tiniest dust particles. In addition to that it offers waterproof qualities as well. Some leather qualities could even keep water from further permeating its surface and thus keeping your phone dry.

  • It is super durable

Unlike rubber, plastic or silicon, leather is one of the most durable materials. Leather can age, but won’t look torn or scratched. So, with leather phone cases, you can guarantee better safety and protection of your expensive phone.

If you are looking for premium-quality custom made leather phone cases in Australia, buy from Chade Cases. They offer an extensive collection of high-quality and handmade leather cases in a variety of eye-catching styles and colors for several types of smartphones and iPhones.

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