Custom Velcro Patches – Remove And Attach Easily


Patches are just fabrics with different designs embroidered on them with a thread. Several companies provide access to make customized patches, and the choice of thread depends highly on the customer. These patches can be attached to the clothes through different means, depending on the period for which they have to be attached and the fabric used. One such way of attaching the patch for temporary basis is by using Velcro tapes.

What are the advantages of using Velcro tapes?

For a short period, patches can be attached by using Velcro tapes.

  • It provides flexibility and convenience.
  • The same clothes can be reused again with different patches, as it can be detached easily.
  • The business of rental uniforms and clothes can expand.
  • It saves a lot of time as no sewing of patches has to be done.
  • More than one patch can be attached on a single piece of cloth
  • Cost-efficient alternative over all other methods of attaching the patch.

How to have access to Velcro tapes?

Velcro is a brand, it is a hook and loop fastener, the rough side being the hook and the soft side is called the loop. The two sides are attached to the opposite surfaces so that when pressed together, they bind temporarily. The tapes can be ordered online at cheap rates or can be brought from local clothing shops. Also, there are readymade patches of such kinds available that can be brought directly from the market.

The usefulness of Patches:

Patches can be used to set great trends for the people. The Velcro Patches can be attached easily on hats, creating customized products. The custom Velcro Patches promotes reusability and has helped different businesses to grow at low expenses. The cost of manufacturing such patches depends entirely on size, quantity and design.

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